Mobile Concrete Plant
Waste Oil Recycling
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Waste Oil Recycling
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Centrifuge Feed Pump
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Incinerators are used by environmentally sensitive municipalities and industrial facilities that produce dangerous attacks. The design of incinerators has two chambers: the primary chamber and the secondary chamber. The primary chamber in a rotary kiln incinerator consists of a curved refractory lined cylindrical tube. 

Normally, material is transferred to the receiving hopper of the feeding system using a front wheel loader. Fed to the feed hopper, which is mounted on a Feed hopper and equipped with a weight-controlled feed valve. Feed hopper , the material is transferred via a transfer auger to

The soil is fed to the rotary kiln on the mechanical weighing belt, the soil is moved down from the kiln by gravity. A specially designed flight system in the drum causes the grounds to fall directly into the center of the main burner flame. The flame located on the low side of the 

Solids Control and Mud Treatment.
Drilling Mud Solid Control System.
Drilling Waste Management Equipment.
Mud Cleaning System.
Drilling Mud Solids Separation System.

Obtaining Mineral Oils It is one of the products obtained by processing crude oil in refineries. Mineral oils are obtained by mixing various additives selected according to the desired properties of the product with SN 100, 300 SN, SN 

Currently, most people dispose of this black oil in a landfill or in a lake, river or sea. Black oil is a poisonous compound. One drop of black oil can contaminate 1000 liters of water. If we refine this black oil, we can benefit from the availability of

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