Asphalt Plants

How is asphalt obtained?

Hot bitumen is oxidized at high 425-500 C C in the oxidation tower and at the same time compressed air is applied inside, so the bitumen reacts with high pressure air, oxidizes and turns into asphalt, and hot and cold asphalt is obtained with different mixtures.

What is an asphalt plant?
Asphalt plant uses aggregate, bitumen and filler material to produce Asphalt concrete (Hot mix asphalt). The main feature of an asphalt plant is to heat the aggregate and then mix it with bitumen and other filling materials to prepare hot mix asphalt. It is the facility where all materials are first heated in the rotary kiln and transported to the sieve with the help of an elevator, sifted again, weighed, mixed in the mixer and made ready for laying. The task of the asphalt plant is to produce asphalt and hot mixtures of aggregates in a high-quality, high-performance and meticulous facility in order to be used on high-quality roads.Our asphalt plants, built according to European standards, have been accepted and appreciated by all our customers. Designed by experienced engineers who do not compromise on quality, our asphalt plants, whose quality control is carried out even before they leave the factory, are also extensively inspected and tested for reliability. Inspections begin with incoming materials and components and end only when the finished product has been tested and shipped. We are committed to providing inspiring services to the highest attainable standards for the absolute satisfaction of our valued customers in terms of sales and service.

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