Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Industry

Sarl TPMCHAN manufactures reactors, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, furnaces and high-capacity dosing units of expected quality for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry. Sarl TPMCHAN provides engineering, machine production and assembly services for chemical synthetic additives and other similar product processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Process design and production studies are carried out for all reactors, mixers, tanks, pipes, heating and cooling systems.

Some equipment used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Mixers: For mixing liquids, achieving rapid chemical reactions, and increasing heat or cooling transfers.
Boilers: To create steam by applying heat energy to water.
Capsule equipment: Different equipment is available for filling, polishing and sorting capsules.
Centrifuges: Used to separate liquids or liquids of different densities from solids.
Coolers: To quickly lower temperatures .
Cooling towers: Used to cool liquids or condense steam.
Heat exchangers: Used to transfer heat from one medium to another.
Metal detectors: To detect stray metals (metal parts such as nuts, screws, or broken machine parts) that may have contaminated the product.
Mixers: For mixing and particle size reduction.
High Pressure Homogenizers: The most efficient liquid handling equipment for particle size reduction and cell lysis.
Ovens: To provide the necessary heat or drying.
Tablet press: For producing tablets.
Sieves: To sift powders or granules.
Tanks: To hold liquids.
Packaging equipment
Blister packers: Designed to package tablets, capsules, soft gels, injection solutions, syringes and other small medical supplies in blister packs.
Bottling and filling lines: For filling bottles with liquids or containers with tablets, capsules or soft gels.
Caps: Designed to place caps on filled bottles or medicine containers.
Induction Sealers: Adheres aluminum foil seals to the mouth of the bottle.
Labeling equipment: Cans, bottles, containers, tubes, etc. for affixing or printing labels on their packaging.
Tube fillers: For filling and sealing ointment, cream and gel tubes.

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