Concrete Batching Plants

What is a Concrete Batching Plants ?

Concrete plants are the facilities where the ready mixed concrete, which is produced by mixing the gravel, water, cement and various additives formed by materials such as sand, gravel, crushed stone and lead, is filled into truck mixers or trucks. The main parts that make up the concrete plant are aggregate bins, aggregate scale & aggregate weighing band, water scale, cement weigher, additive weigher mixer feeding band, main chassis group including mixer and mixer, cement silos and equipments that run the plant with water cooling and heating for special cases. electrical panels are automation systems.

Mobile concrete batching plants: They are preferred in short-term projects and projects with frequent location changes due to their easy installation (1-2 days), no concrete foundation, and easy transport features.

Stationary concrete batching plants: It is designed to produce high quality concrete to be used in long-term projects due to its high capacity, efficiency, reliability, high specification and flexibility. It is mostly preferred in works such as bridge, harbor, tunnel, dam, building and road construction.

Dry concrete batching plants: It is one of the most preferred plant types by customers as it has features such as easy installation, low cost (low transportation costs), easy transport of concrete over long distances as water is not mixed, mixing water on demand on demand. Mixing processes for the concrete production of dry type plants transported by containers are done in a transmixer truck, unlike other types of plants.

Compact concrete batching plants: It provides various advantages to its users such as ease of installation, easy installation in narrow areas, economical transportation, lower cost compared to others, and being suitable for container transportation in transportation processes.

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