Crushing and Screening Plants

Stations de Concassage
Stations de Concassage
Stations de Concassage

The methods used in ore crushing and screening plants range from a simple combination of a grizzly and crusher to an elaborate array arrangement of grizzly, jaw crushers, screens and ball mills or cone crushers.

Crushing is done underground in several large mines. In general, the jaw crusher is the most suitable primary machine, but many rotary crushers do the primary crushing. There is a wide selection of these machines. 

The wear parts are made of special steel, specially hardened to the point of greatest wear. For secondary and tertiary crushing, rotary and cone crushers are used, the latter especially for final reduction, but this can also be done with rollers giving a homogeneous product.

In a large crushing and screening plants, feeders for crushers, magnets to collect cast iron and steel, and devices for weighing ore should be installed.

The ore communication problem involves equipment to process large chunks of rock from mining operations and produce a product of the relatively small particle size required for successful gold mining. This size reduction is almost always accomplished in two consecutive steps. Coarse (dry) grinding followed by fine (wet) grinding.

Dry crushing is rarely done below about ½ inch. Particle size, experience has shown that breaking the material after this point is more satisfactory in the wet process. On the other hand, there is now a trend to feed significantly coarser material into rod mills, which to some extent function as wet rollers.

An efficient crushing and screening plants almost always uses the principle of step reduction, with screens, drums, vibrating or vibrating screens interspersed between the steps to separate material that is already fine enough to skip the next step.

A stationary, rotating or reciprocating grizzly bear is suitable for the first stage, but after that it is more positive at the drum or sieve separation. Few drums are used except those in dredging and sand and gravel plants.

Drilling Fluid Disposal System
Drilling Fluid Disposal System

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