Drilling Mud Solidification System

Drilling Solid Waste Treatment Unit

Drilling Mud Solidification System Working principle

The drilling mud is transferred to the Feed hopper with a vibrating screen on the Drilling Mud Solidification System feed hopper using a wheel loader.
Drilling Mud Solidification System Sludge is transported from the Feeding hopper with a twin screw conveyor and then transferred to the screw conveyor, which is also used as a scale.
Inclined conveyor where the weighed sludge is transported to the double shaft mixer
Then, water, lime and cement are weighed and transferred to the mixer with an automatic controlled dosing system according to the solid-liquid state of the sludge.
The Drilling Mud Solidification System stabilizes the mud.
The sludge mixed in the mixer is started by using the screw conveyor in the Drilling Mud Solidification System.
All these Drilling Mud Solidification System, fully automatic weighing and dosing solidification can be used as PLC controlled, fully automatic and also manually.

Unité de traitement des déchets solides de forage
Unité de traitement des déchets solides de forage
Drilling Mud Solidification System Main Parts

1. Drilling mud Feed hopper
2. Feed hopper Sieve
3. Sludge conveying and weighing screw conveyor
4. Lime silo
5. Lime screw conveyor
6. Lime weighing hopper
7. Water weighing and Lime melting hopper
8. Cement silo
9. Cement screw conveyor
10. Cement weighing hopper
11. Two shaft mixer
12. Drill cuttings waste screw conveyor
13. Guardrail and ladders
14. Electrical automation and control cabinet


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