Mineral Oil Blending and Filling System


Mineral Oil Blending System

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Obtaining Mineral Oils It is one of the products obtained by processing crude oil in refineries.
Mineral oils are obtained by mixing various additives selected according to the desired properties of the product with 70 SN, 150 SN, SN 300 and 500 SN base oils of different viscosities.
Base oils can also be classified according to the processes they undergo during refining.
These base oils are called “neutral solvents” if they are produced by processing different solvents into selected special treatments. If base oils are produced by the “hydro-finished” method, then they are called “hydro-finished” base oils. Although they are produced by distillation of heavy molecules, they are referred to as “hydro-cracked” base oils.
Base oils are classified as Low Viscosity Index (LVI), Medium Viscosity Index (MVI), High Viscosity Index (HVI) or Very High Viscosity Index (XHVI) according to their viscosity indices.
Base oils can be classified as paraffinic, naphtanic and aromatic based on their basic chemical properties.

The production capacity of the mineral oil blending facilities we have established is from 25 tons to 500 tons per day.