Tertiary Impact Crushers

tertiary impact crushers

Hanmix tertiary impact crushers, which can operate in two directions, are generally used to obtain sand at construction sites. They are preferred to be used in materials with low abrasiveness and high brittleness in terms of low operating costs.
Hanmix Tertiary Impact Crushers are preferred in medium and low hardness, mostly in the tertiary level, and can also be used as secondary crushers depending on the hardness and feeding size of the mine.
Hanmix Tertiary Impact Crushers are preferred in the construction industry and construction sites as a very useful structure. Tertiary crushing machines, which form the gradation product suitable for the sand size distribution, perform this process in order to meet the needs of asphalt plants and concrete plants.

Especially Hanmix Crushers, this crusher designed for sand making, turns stone chips up to 150 mm into the final sand product. The working principle of the crusher allows the rotor to rotate in both directions, thus extending the usage time of the rotor pallets twice as long as normal.

Tertiary Impact Crushers Technical Details

Models Feed Inlet Dimension (mm) Max. Feed Length Open Discharge Closed Side (mm) Crushing capacity (t/h) Engine Power (kW) Weight (Tonne)
Han 80 1300X1100 100 1200-800 100-150 132-185 12.200
Han 100 1300X1100 120 1200-1100 140-180 132-200 14.550
Han 120 1500X1100 120 1200-1300 160-240 185-250 17.700
Han 150 1600X1100 120 1200-1500 200-350 200X315 22.000
Han 200 1700X1100 350 1430X1600 400-500 315-355 27.500